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Linda B.
“Thank you Red Tree Hot Yoga!!
You never really appreciate what you have until you lose it!  There was a time in my life when I could not walk more than a few steps without having to stop to take a rest, climbing stairs was nearly impossible and crouching down to do things like sitting in a bath just didn’t happen.  My feet and legs were so swollen they were as hard as wood, my knees would not bend and lymphedema of my arm had set in.  I desperately needed to find something to help me.  Time was my friend but I needed more.  Yoga was the answer for me, starting with restorative, graduating to yoga flow and finally discovering Bikram yoga.

I found Bikram Yoga quite by accident, I didn’t know what I was getting into when my friend signed us up.  I participated in a few hot, difficult classes before I realized that I found something good for me, yoga that builds strength, flexibility, calms the mind and didn’t put too much strain on my lymphedema arm.

Today, Red Tree Hot Yoga has become my second home.  The variety of classes and times offered makes it easier to commit to my practice.  Keeping my muscles strong, my joints relatively pain free and an overall feeling of well-being are more than enough reasons to incorporate Bikram yoga consistently into my life.  The teachers at Red Tree, led by owner Sabina, are knowledgeable, friendly and very encouraging.  Corrections are made to the entire class as well as to individuals, making everyone try a little harder resulting in an incredible energy around the room.  Posture clinics are also held to help with improved form.  You are always improving.  As students we learn to do the best we can for a particular day and be happy with that with no judgement being made by anyone.

Red Tree Hot Yoga studio is a wonderful place.  The hot room is spacious with natural light streaming in through the large windows.  What a bonus!!  The Yin class when done by candlelight adds an extra feeling of serenity ad relaxation while working on those stretches.  This was my first time experiencing Yin yoga and I love it.  It is a great balance to my Bikram practice.  The atmosphere around the studio is friendly and very welcoming.  Fellow yogis always have a smile and time for a few words of encouragement or a chit chat before class.

I feel very blessed to have found Red Tree Hot Yoga resulting for me in improved health, new friends and a new style of working out.  This is something I hope to keep in my life forever!”

Michelle D.
“Hello my name is Michelle. I have been coming to Red Tree Yoga studio for a few years whenever my schedule allows. I started Bikram Yoga because of an injury in my left foot. I had been out dancing, and snapped a ligament, that sadly, never mended and prevented my foot from resting flat on the ground. After a year of yoga my foot is flat on the ground and my body is pain free. The more frequently I attend Red Tree yoga classes, the more calmness and peace I feel in my day to day dealings. Without my classes I am sure I would not have developed as deep of a self-respect for my physical body. I have and do continually feel supported in my spiritual growth through my practice. Yoga is my way of healing myself through the process of breathing and accepting myself anew each day. I am grateful for the teachers and I hope to become a certified Bikram Teacher soon.
Keep up the great work Sabina, the studio is a great healing place.”

Kim D.
“I was looking to “define a new me for 2016” as 2015 was a very difficult year for me in my personal journey. When I first came to the studio in January I was a little hesitant and I didn’t know what to expect.  I was worried we would be sitting humming or chanting and I knew that wasn’t for me! lol After my first class (a 90min class) you said “Good work Kim! What did you think?” And I remember thinking I had no idea what I thought of my first class: I wasn’t sure if I liked it or hated it!  But you encouraged me to keep coming back and so I did.  Although I can’t get to the studio as often as I like, I at least practice some deep breathing exercises on days where I’m not able to come in.

Your studio has provided me so much! It forced me to get out of bed and out of the house on days when I felt like I couldn’t go on.  It taught me to be more mindful and present and to take notice of my body/mind’s cues.  It has helped me turn off my brain and the hurt in my heart even if it is only for 60 or 90mins at a time.  It has given me a focus again. But most of all, I feel like part of a family. I feel like I belong with these girls and guys even if the only communication we have is a smile.”

Kalia E.
“Hot Yoga has changed my life. I’ve always been a very active person, and thought hot yoga would be too “easy” or “slow” for my liking. A group of us thought we’d try it just to see what everyone was talking about. I was amazed how challenging it was and how fantastic I felt afterwards. It has improved my flexibility greatly and helped me develop my concentration. I have noticed improvement in my other sports as well. I recommend Red Tree Hot Yoga to everyone I talk to who complains of low energy and aches and pains. All the teachers at Red Tree are very supportive and encouraging. This yoga is better than an apple a day!”

Andres L.
“Ever since I started practicing with you I have experienced a great change in my practice. I now realize that I was stuck before and that I was coming to yoga almost as a default.

The attention and focus that you dedicate to all of us is praise worthy because it is obvious that you care and that you are able to read our bodies quite appropriately. I feel that my practice has improved greatly and I feel now that I am having new and interesting challenges that are keeping me healthy. For me, coming to yoga is a necessity and I am grateful the destiny brought you close to my place.

The physical space of the studio is fantastic. I love chasing the sunlight on Saturday’s mornings. It is such a treat.
I would be unfair not to mention the other instructors that are quite good as well. Each one has something to offer for sure. It is clear that you hold your instructors to a very high standard. As your studio becomes more popular these criteria will become even more critical.
Sabina, you have done a fantastic job and please rest assure that your practice has helped me a great deal in my life outside the studio. You are reaching well beyond the 4 walls of the studio.”

Shahar R.
“I come from a soccer, basketball, and running background. As such, I have always thought nothing could replace the feeling of scoring a goal or the “runners’ high”. Unfortunately, I injured my knee quite badly and had to look for low impact sports. I decided to pick up Hot Yoga and Pilates, and have been really enjoying the new additions. What I came to realize is that although Hot Yoga and Pilates are low impact, they are surprisingly great cardio workouts and can challenge your body and mind in ways you didn’t imagine. Yoga has been helping me increase my flexibility (and I am quite inflexible) and release some of the tension in my knee. As a result, my knee has felt better after every class. But the biggest surprise to me was Pilates, which turned out to be an incredible challenge: probably one of the best workouts anyone can do. First, it works out your whole body. Second, it makes you stronger and faster and you can increase the difficulty without bound as you improve. And lastly, if you really challenge yourself and keep up, you will see changes in your body within a short period of time.”

Sonia A.
“I have been practicing Bikram for many years and have been to a number of studios and can honestly say I love coming to Red Tree!  The teachers are welcoming, helpful, and supportive.  Along with having  an excellent technical and biomechanical understanding of the postures, Sabina, the owner, brings kindness, compassion and a non-judgmental approach to her classes.  Different classes and workshops are offered which help the practitioners with their different needs.  For a hot yoga studio, the heat/humidity are just right!  I definitely recommend Red Tree Hot Yoga studio!”

Keith A.
“I started hot yoga 9 years ago. Being male and competitive I was darn well not going give up when my wife and daughter were doing this yoga alongside me. Over the years I have become less competitive but no less committed. Now my practice is all about the breath. I breathe and my body moves deeper into the postures. I am turning 59 years young this year. I had a health challenge a few years ago, and my commitment to yoga pulled me through.
Yoga is life, yoga is breath.”

Laura M.
“I have been teaching and practicing at Red Tree Hot Yoga for almost two years. The studio is beautiful, welcoming and very clean 🙂 One of the things that I value most about Red Tree, is that there are a variety of yoga classes offered, which allows students to “mix it up” and not necessarily do the same things to their bodies over and over. Not only do I feel honored to work here, I absolutely love practicing here. All of the instructors are different, yet the common thread, is that each instructor is supportive of the students.”

Mark V.
“Bikram practice has changed my life from the very first class. The hot room and the difficulty of the postures yield to meditation. Through meditation, stress is greatly reduced which increases the quality of life. In addition, the health benefits are indescribable; it is something that has to be experienced. The studio is friendly, and is a great place to make new connections with great people.”

Laurie H.
“I enjoy coming to hot yoga at Red Tree. I would come every day if I could. I believe everyone is capable of improving their balance, strength, focus and flexibility with regular practice here. The teachers are very professional and positive. Yoga is totally about inclusion and very personal. Practicing yoga at Red Tree gives you the power to amaze yourself little by little.”

Karen K.
“I love going to Bikram! I feel great leaving each class and find the instructors excellent. I am out of practice from having a baby but so happy to return and find that my favourite instructor from my old studio took over Red Tree. The facility is clean and inspiring. The class times fit my new mom schedule and once things in my life settle down, I look forward to doing a 30 day challenge. 🙂 namaste”